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In today’s connected landscape, high performance
connectivity has become a critical utility to serve users,
devices, and things regardless of location. It’s a mobile first
world and most wireless traffic today originates indoors.



Early approaches to indoor connectivity using 4G/LTE
networks were often just coverage focused. Looking ahead,
on the user and device side, sophisticated use cases and
increasing traffic demands are driving change in the
network architecture so that networks are much more
traffic type and capacity aware.
There is the need for an agile network that can easily apply
connectivity and capacity specifically where and when it is
required in the venue.
On the network side, the underlying physical characteristics of these high performance 5G mobility services require that  the network move indoors to realize the full benefits. These
types of 5G/B5G services typically cannot propagate as far as the earlier generation of services and are less effective at
reaching indoor spaces which is where they are needed
In short, it is increasingly difficult to take advantage of the
latest connectivity services when they are delivered from
outdoor networks. A change is required.
This transition presents operators with a new opportunity to bring these 5G network indoors, and this change will be
required by operators. The need to change the services
delivery model truly offers a once in a generational type
opportunity for operators.



DENGYO Technology meet these connectivity needs with turnkey 4G,
5G, and hybrid wireless solutions for most any in-building or indoor
type of environment. We do this by leveraging Open RAN architectures
that minimize the Capex and Opex costs and give the flexibility to build
networks tailored to the needs of the user community and its environment.

A network solution that is traffic and capacity aware. Agile enough to
deliver connectivity and capacity on-demand at a very granular level
whether by individual floor, space, or user type.

The ability to easily evolve the network without having to re-engineer
major infrastructure elements, a network that can easily adapt to
changing needs without large investments or costly disruptions.

The DENGYO Technology 5G solution brings ultra-high speed
broadband, low latency performance, and support of massive IoT all
from a single platform. A innovative approach to 5G O-RAN architecture
across Fronthaul, Midhaul, and Backhaul layers.

These highly tailored networks enable use cases from basic user or
device connectivity to mission critical automation and everything in between.




Integrates multiple indoor O-RUs
(Open RAN Radio Unit) to scale
network coverage and capacity across
the venue only where it is required. It
allows the operator to deploy highly
engineered resources to where the
connectivity demand is required. As
coverage requirements change or
grow, additional RUs can be deployed
vs. having to re-engineer a large,
centralized network. RUs are small with integrated antennas and minimal
power requirements allowing for fast
and easy deployment at economical
cost levels.


Driving scalability and lower cost of
operation by aggregating the DU
(Distributed Unit) into the RU (Radio
Unit) as single combined DRU
(Distributed & Radio Unit) platform.
This integrated configuration offers a
much better system level cost by
leveraging the the midhaul transport,
and easily supporting today’s growing
list of lower latency use cases with the
radio control function now available
much closer to the edge where the
user and use case demands them.


Interconnecting each of the CUs
(Central Unit) to the Core Network
where much of the control resides and the key connections to the carrier’s
transport network and internet. All
functions of RU and DU/CU are
integrated into single unit as All-in-One (AIO) to enable hot spot capacity and
connect to Core network directly.



Innovation Delivering Market Leading Performance for Service Providers


O-RU: Open RAN Radio


 Higher Capacity RUs offering
enhanced coverage AND capacity

DRU: Combination

Distributed & Radio Unit

 Integrated RU/DU into a single
deployable element. Brings control and
processing closer to the networking
edge lowering latency and transport

AIO: All in One


 Highly Cost Effective Combination
RU/DU/CU element. Economics and
deployment simplicity ideal for smaller locations – SOHO.


And as with all our solutions, the network elements have a
high degree of automation and operational simplicity
meaning they are quick and easy to deploy. This translates
to much faster service turn up times and faster time to
revenue. No need for organizing large staffs of highly trained personnel to make routine changes or upgrades. Simple
“Plug and Play” for the network.


Also, as another demonstration of the underlying solution
flexibility, dual connectivity of both 4G and 5G services help
to offer users a truly seamless mobile connectivity
experience, as an integral part of supporting both capacity
and coverage for indoor environments and communities.



The Outdoor Open RAN Solution introduces a new model for operators. Benefits include a compact, carrier grade platform requiring lower investment while offering deployment
flexibility to better serve environments from rural to urban.
A scalable form factor that requires less space and power,
but still fully delivers on functionality and performance.
The highly tailorable solution offers multiple frequencies
with customizable Instantaneous Bandwidth (IBW) and
Occupied Bandwidth (OBW) options, including multiple
transmit and receive configurations to better direct the
performance and coverage to where it’s needed. This
platform model changes the legacy economics while
enabling operators to consistently deliver a quality
connected experience.


The solution architecture is well suited to serve a variety of industry verticals. Whether these are smart manufacturing,
advanced healthcare, logistics, transportation or connecting the enterprise, the Enhanced Mobile Broad Band (eMBB)
capabilities can reliably support a diverse set of use cases.
From securely and reliably connecting common UE
equipment to experiencing high performance ultra-low
latency (URLLC) for automated manufacturing to massive
IoT (MMTC) connectivity in logistics or transportation, our
solutions will get you connected.
The network’s flexibility offers the ability to scale and evolve
as your connectivity needs require to ensure it is a solution
for the long term. DENGYO Technology 5G solutions deliver
a high quality connected experience every time.